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BitLocker Recovery Password

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It could be really useful if we could look up BitLocker Recovery Passwords in the Active Directory module by browsing computers.

And when we have found the password it with the mobile app, "send by email" and "send by text message" buttons would make it easy to send the password to the user.

Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved

Abakion A/S

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Hi Martin,

We do like the idea but I am not sure of how often will this information be useful. We can add it as a built-in script to get all the bitlocker recovery keys but how often do you think you'll need this information? We'd like to keep the user interface with the bare minimum information avoid delivering too much information for no reason.


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Hi Paul,

Internally we have 70-100 workstations that has bitlocker enabled. Plus that an increasing number of our customer are using bitlocker.

Several times every month end users are reporting that they are prompted for bitlocker recovery password at boot.
When we are at the office is it simple for us to log on to the domain controller at find the password. But if the request comes when we are offsite or outside business hours, it would be very helpful to look up the password in Pulseway on the domain controllers AD server module, and sendt it by email or text message.

Of course we can make a script, but it would be more convenient if the password could be looked up and sendt from Pulseway.

We could also solve it by writing our own plugin. But here we are missing the option of sending a text as mail/sms/share from the Pulseway app.

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Martin Stevnhoved is definitely on to something here!!  With our client's, encryption is becoming almost a necessity due to compliance requirements here in the US.  Being able to retrieve, store and report on BitLocker would be a game changer and a real differentiator for the product. 

Please consider!  +1


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