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  1. Thanks Paul, That might be the problem. We've asked the Swedish Distributor to add our licenses, but it seems to take awhile =/.
  2. We've used one single installation package which we've distributed via our old RMM. After the systems have been installed we've manually moved them to correct Org/Site/Agent Group. However, pretty much in the midst of this installation, I renamed the Org/Site/Agent group which we used for installation which resulted in that we can see a number of systems (100+) have the Pulseway software installed, but they are not visible in Pulseway. So somehow they are connected to a specific name of Org/Site/Agent Group. How can we get those systems visible? Do we need to recreate the old names of the Org/Site Agent Group? If so, the problem is that I don't have the exact names noted. I've tried to retrieve the names via the registry, but it seems the Groupname registry entry doesn't exist anymore. Thanks, /Kenny
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