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  1. +1 Given that Veeam Agent is free for Windows and Linux physical endpoints, and gaining in popularity, I think this would be a great feature.
  2. Suggestion: make settings more secure by default, then those who need legacy support can downgrade as required; i.e., the PW back-end default to the Mozilla Security/Server Side TLS Intermediate compatibility and the PW agents default Mozilla Security/Server Side TLS Modern compatibility ; then those who need legacy support can downgrade security using similar method to guidance above if required. (This can also be made into a selectable item in the agent installer/config if desired; e.g., "HTTPS encryption strength" "standard security" and "legacy support")
  3. +1 would love to be able to set service monitors as a group policy
  4. +1 A way to automatically monitor all services set to automatic; with the possibility of blacklisting those uncommon exceptions that are set to automatic but don't necessarily run at all times.
  5. Given that Veeam Endopoint Backup is free and the Veeam has documented key events to the event logs quite well here: Veeam Endpoint Backup Events I think that it's a great match for Pulseway users if alerting was built into the Pulsway as a module.
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