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  1. Pulseway has had Slack Integration for a long time now but those of us who use Microsoft Teams get no love or have to run Slack just for alerts. Please look at adding Teams Channel Integration also.
  2. Unfortunately API is out of our skill set right now, something I'll have to look into since I'd like to build a useable states board anyways. I ended up hand scrolling 400 endpoints and was able to find a few with issues. P.S. I opened a support ticket on the sorting issue, will see what they say.
  3. @Mark G38It sorts it by something, but its definitely not by the last seen date! It appears it starts on todays date, but after that it puts Nov 2020 next and rolls from there ignoring the year as best I can tell.
  4. You need to go into your Webroot console and choose uninstall there. https://mypcsecurity.webrootanywhere.com
  5. Maybe I'm just missing something but how do I run a report on the last time a PC has checked in? We have had a few PCs that the Pulseway client disappeared and managing hundreds of PCs it is too hard to manually check them all. If we could run a report of PCs offline for more then X days it would greatly reduce the number of PCs we would need to check.
  6. This should not happen as long as they don't modify the subject line besides the added RE:, you need to reach out to support as something is wrong.
  7. I don't disagree, I was just trying to provide you a workaround for the current setup.
  8. We just created scopes called "All Server" and "All Workstations" that are based on System Type. We then use the scopes as a condition in the workflow.
  9. Sorry this one I disagree with, the whole point of grouping is so the policies will be the same between them. I wouldn't even want the ability to have something in that group have a policy outside the norm. If it needs a exception it gets a new group. Now if we were talking about the ability to layer policies I could possibly get behind that.
  10. I went and tested and can confirm it is not just you, my tasks are saying "skipped" if manually run but they seem to work fine if they are scheduled. Actually it seems to be random if they are manually run whether they work or not, some do and some don't.
  11. I tried to vote for this suggestion but after 15 days it is still "awaiting moderation." I will try and remember to come back and vote for it but I don't know why it takes this long for them to approve a post or when they will get around to it.
  12. There is currently a feature request in for Huntress to build a ticket integration for the Pulseway PSA. Whether you use Huntress or not, getting integrations like this with major products can only help the product and its community grow. Please go add your vote for Pulseway to build this integration here: https://huntress.canny.io/integrations/p/pulseway-psa-integration
  13. Any timeline on implementation... and please don't say "Coming Soon" "near future" or any variation of that because it is obvious at this point the definition of that term to Pulseway varies widely from the rest of the worlds.
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