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  1. Any timeline on implementation... and please don't say "Coming Soon" "near future" or any variation of that because it is obvious at this point the definition of that term to Pulseway varies widely from the rest of the worlds.
  2. I think iTunes is already supported. (EDIT: I'm sure it is!)
  3. I love the third party patching, but you guys may want to start asking the community what software to work on adding, for example I love Putty and use it all the time... but not a single one of the PCs I manage need it for a standard user. Same with Git, VMWare, and Java Development kits. iTunes is cool, but not really for a business PC... and the only good thing about Quicktime is I can now remove it as Apple no longer supports or recommends using it on Windows. From a business point of view I'd like to see: AdoptOpenJDK (Now that Java needs to be licensed) 7-ZIP Paint.net VLC DropBox Microsoft Essentials Malware Bytes
  4. I can confirm the logging appears to be working now! I also see you added some new software which is great but I have a request... with the licensing changes with Java its great we can remove it using Pulseway, but can you look at adding its free replacement OpenJDK? This would be very valuable as many Admins need to make this change soon.
  5. Another Engineer reached out to me, I am waiting for them to review the info I sent but it may just be the logging of updates has stopped and not the updates themselves.
  6. Let me guess, now planned for Q3 2019? Funny thing is I'm I found this thread because I was trying to collect a file to send to support to troubleshoot another Pulseway issue, and turns out I have to fire up my other support tool to do it.
  7. DO NOT INSTALL THE 3RD PARTY PATCH DEMO - all of my OS patching ceased working, the best solution support can offer is to delete all 3rd party patch rules and hope it starts working again!
  8. So the 9 new titles won't be till later this month now?
  9. @Paul Do you have an ETA for the next release with the new software?
  10. It is $0.30 per month per agent in the US. We are on the trial right now, but the list of software is so small we are not sure we will keep it.
  11. Any updates on this, also very interested as we have a few systems where monitoring the number of files or size of a queue folder would be very helpfull. As buildup means they are not being processed.
  12. Unfortunately the feature was removed to make way for a new better way "coming soon" many months ago. Pulseway is really bad at road mapping updates so there is no ETA and it may be a while before we see it.
  13. UTS Brian

    Email Parser

    Can you share how you set up this rule? I'm sure it will help a lot of people like us facing the same issue. From the responses above I really think Pulseway simply does not understand the issue and how common it is.
  14. I have been trying to build a script to change the set the Windows 10 active hours and turn on automatic updates via registry changes and so far have not been successful, anyone have something like that?
  15. Please add, we are forced to run scripts randomly throughout the day for weeks while hoping we get them all.
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