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  1. This is not 2FA... it's bothering you with an email to login to your account. Two-Factor requires any two of these: Something you know (your username & password, check) Something you have (a software/hardware code generator, a Yubikey) Something you are (fingerprint, etc.) Bio-metrics are far from perfect, and usually avoided in these situations - I'm just amazed you went through the effort to implement this "2 factor send you an email" when it's simple to implement the time-based solution that is used by Google and others. I've been waiting for a long time for you to
  2. I have been using Pulseway for a long time on my servers and VMs. I am implementing a Mobile Workforce using Windows 8 Tablets for my Technicians and I'd like to track them using Pulseway. The tablets are Wifi only, so when they are truly offline because they aren't connected to a wireless network, then the offline indication would be correct; however, when the screen falls asleep the device apparently puts the Wireless Adapter into a low-power state that closes the connection to the Pulseway servers, and they are shown as offline. I have read that programs can request that Windows not do
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