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    NovaComputers reacted to Continu IT Solutions in Automatic Reboot/Reconnect During Remote Control Sessions   
    one other thing with this add the ability to remain connected after logging out a user or during fast user switching. It's VERY annoying to have to log out a user to log in as an admin only to be disconnected and have to reconnect two or three times.
    We also need the ability to reboot in safe mode with networking and reconnect to a machine.
    we had both these capabilities in our old RMM (Solarwinds) so it's very technically possible.
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    NovaComputers got a reaction from Martin Stevnhoved in Individual reports for each organization   
    I also agree, the system needs to split the reports by customer and we only have to work with the template report. Managing each report individually per customer is time consuming and is open for mistakes and errors.
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    NovaComputers got a reaction from theitdept in Remote Desktop Limitation   
    I am new at Pulseway and while I love the functionality that I have on my mobile phone the remote and webapp is limited of what I considered basics. So I will talk about what I miss from a Remote Desktop just coming from Solarwinds and Atera
    1. File Transfer - sometimes we need to transfer files from our computers to the client computers, this has to be a plus feature. Specially that I am installing your product on my customers is more than annoying having to login to my OneDrive to download the files I need when I can just transfer them from my computer directly to the customer station.
    2. Chatting - Customers are used to chat with me over the remote session and while I know Pulseway have the Chat icon, this icon is hidden plus this chat opens a ticket which I don't need, sometimes all I need is to let them know that I am connected and I am working on their system. Chat is a tool that the basic free remote support program have, I don't understand why this is not implemented yet.
    3. Copy and Paste - I just found this tiday and prompted me to open this topic, I cannot copy and paste from the remote workstation to mine or viseversa. This is very useful on copying configurations or settings.
    3. Correction, it seems I can Copy and Paste from my computer to the remote but not from the remote to my computer.
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    NovaComputers reacted to Martin_T in Monitoring Agent | Automatically Select Hard Drives   
    Hi guys,
    One thing which I think would be super useful is the automatic selection of hard drives within the machine so rather than having to select a drive then set thresholds, we can skip the additional step of having to select the drives. Don't want to monitor a drive? Don't select a threshold. 
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    NovaComputers reacted to AndyR in Show currently logged in username   
    As a MSP, we often have to track down a device based on the user's name. It would be great if there was an option to always show the currently logged in user in the dashboard or at least add it into the search.
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