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  1. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. Try running "lodctr /r" (without quotes) into an administrative command prompt (make sure you run cmd as a local administrator) and then restart the system. Let us know if this solves the problem. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  2. Hi, From my understanding, ASUS Zenfone 2 runs Android 5.0 (Lollipop) which is supported by Pulseway. Can you send a screenshot from what message you're seeing on the Play Store? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  3. Hi Serge, Pulseway doesn't store historical information at this moment but this is on our internal roadmap. Unfortunately we can't provide an ETA just yet. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  4. Hi, Great idea, this would help a lot to see which monitored systems are getting out of warranty. I've noted your request on our backend. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  5. Hi, Unfortunately, BSD agent is not ready yet. We've focused on building a Remote Desktop module for Pulseway which was one of the most popular feature requests we've had. Rest assured as we will support BSD in the future. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  6. Hi Martin, This is already supported. Setup a performance counter for that process to monitor it's private memory. Then add a notification for that counter to alert you if it exceeds a specific threshold. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  7. Hi, Pulseway 4.7.5 windows agent fixed this problem, can you test again? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  8. Hi Martin, Thank you for your feedback. I've noted your request on our todo list, it will be considered by the development team for a future release. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  9. Hi Martin, This is planned for Research and Development after we release the HTML5 web application. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  10. Hi Martin, This is part of a System Provisioning module we plan on having, I've noted your idea on that project. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  11. Hi Martin, This is a good idea, but until this is implemented you can use the Pulseway Dashboard to achieve what you asked. From the Dashboard settings page you can enable windows RDP and you'll have to option to connect with Pulseway RD and RDP (which you can configure to connect to a custom port). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  12. Hi, Make sure you have the Pulseway Windows agent 4.7.5 installed (check in the About tab). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  13. Yes, Pulseway applications use 443 over TCP. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  14. Hi Martin, Thanks for your report. We will attempt to reproduce this and come back to you. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  15. Chris

    Pulseway on OSX 10.7

    Hi, Unfortunately Pulseway no longer supports Mac OS X 10.7. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  16. Hi, We did perform some tests and we never reproduced this bug on our test environment. Maybe it was some routing issue between our ISP and your ISP. Glad that it's working now. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  17. Thank you for your update. Our development team is currently investigating this and will come back at you with an update. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support Edit: Can you check to see if the request actually reaches your proxy server.
  18. Try restarting the Pulseway Remote Desktop Client application and see if that resolves the issue. We believe that .NET might cache the IE proxy settings for a while. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  19. Chris


    Hi, We've contacted Veeam to get more information about a possible integration, however we haven't heard back from them yet. We will keep you posted with updates when we have them. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  20. Pulseway apps dont' support Proxy authentication at this moment. What I recommend you is to setup the proxy in Internet Explorer and have the Pulseway Apps use the IE proxy (system default proxy). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  21. Hi Martin, This may happen if your performance counters are corrupt. Run the following command in an administrative command line and then restart the system to apply the changes: lodctr /r Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  22. Chris

    remote desktop final?

    Hi Rasmus, Please note that we release the 4.7.5 agent and it will propagate to the Pulseway Enterprise servers in the following 48 hours. The fix applies for Windows Server 2003 too. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  23. In order to import a Pulseway configuration file you need to start PCMonitorManager (Pulseway Manager) from Pulseway's installation directory with the following parameters: PCMonitorManager.exe /config=C:\Configuration\NoPassword.pcmcfg If the exported configuration file contains the account details then you need to provided the configuration password as well: PCMonitorManager.exe /config=C:\Configuration\WithPassword.pcmcfg /configpassword=s3cr3tpassw0rd Note: The PCMonitorManager will not provide any console output or custom exit codes based to indicate the success of the operation.
  24. Hi, Does your proxy server require any form of authentication? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  25. Hi Björn, Unfortunately, Windows Server Backup server module is not supported on operating systems older than Windows Server 2008R2 because there is no API support on the older operating systems. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
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