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  1. Patch management for windows servers Although windows updates can be installed through Pulseway this is a manual process. Is there a patch management module for this? We could approve important/critical updates on certain servers to be automatically installed on a specific day. Also notifications to let us know updates have been installed and a reboot is required.
  2. This would be great. Is it going to be a long time?
  3. When chatting to customers over Pulseway it comes up with the computer name. It would be useful if this could be changed manually or automatically to the technician name.
  4. Hi Since the release candidate has been added to Pulseway some of our servers are unable to connect via remote desktop. The option is grayed out and says feature not enabled.
  5. I know the backup monitoring works from 2008 r2+ natively but is there a way of reporting for sbs 2008? Whether it be event log or power shell driven? Cheers
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