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  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for reaching out to me, i tried all the steps. But when i tried to install a new fresh Pulseway installer it showed me this. (First Image "First1") I double checked my RegEdit, I attached another file. (Second image "Second2") Before i did the RegEdit step, i did the Terminal *CMD* Command wich shows this. File (Third "Third3") I hope this helps
  2. Hello everybody (sorry for my bad english). My PulseWay Monitor was not working anymore so i tried to delete the program and reinstall it to make it work again. (First Picture is named "Capture" The first error i got was this Error 1001 Exception Occured while initializing the installation. System.IO FileNotFoundException Could not load file or assembly file ///:M\PCMonitoringServ.... When trying to open it i get this (Media: "2" ) Can somebody help me? When trying to see if pulseway manager is still in my program list it is not
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