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  1. Barry

    SNMP Temprature

    Hi there, I have just installed a nice new air conditioner in my server room which runs a pcoweb interface for network communication. I am now wanting to send SNMP traps to my pulseway server but have absolutely no idea how to get this to integrate with my pulseway system. I dont know if the configuration on my aircon is wrong of if my configuration on pulseway is wrong. Any help would be really appreciated please.
  2. Thanks so much. Was just wondering why I couldn't get access to it. Makes sense now
  3. I cant seem to edit this on the email notifications section should I do this somewhere else or is there something I need to enable?
  4. Hi there, Do you have an update for this yet please? It was a really handy feature and it has been removed now and it has been almost 7 months with no update.
  5. Barry

    ESET Support

    Thanks so much Marius appreciate the feed back. Cheers
  6. Barry

    ESET Support

    Hi there, I noticed on the new iOS update that support for ESET was added where do I go about finding and configuring this for my environment please?
  7. Hi there, I have looked through the whole config file and can't seem to find where to enable the notifications for user log on actions is there something I am missing? It was in the previous version and it is something quite useful to me, if it is still there can you give me the command to re add it into my config file please?
  8. I have followed all your instructions on your sites but I still seem to be struggling with regards to getting this to install properly I follow the instructions on how to remove and install via manual upgrade I get the below message when I try and kill the process after removing via dkpg When I re-install it installs to /etc/pcmonitor but the only files in there are config.xml and config.xml.sample Is there something I am missing?
  9. Barry

    Monitor Anti-Virus

    Ok thank you for your help
  10. Hi there, Is there a way to monitor your anti-virus installations on your servers with the new update? I know it was mentioned but I not sure if it is something I need to activate or if I should rather just install that plugin.
  11. Hi there, I am trying to use this pluggin but every time I try and log a ticket I get "exception thrown" I run the application as administrator I still get the same error. I also get "ticket is already open" after I click OK on the first error. Where would I go to close this ticket? How do I manage open tickets etc. Is the "exception thrown" error related to the open ticket? Is this pluggin still being used, I see that under your pricing structure "User support requests" is an extra feature does that fall in under the same section as this plugin?
  12. My account was locked out and I waited the 15 minutes for it to unlock and I am getting this error again who do I need to speak to, to get my account unlocked please?
  13. Barry

    Spread the word

    Well I have been trying to promote this product as much as possible. Absolutely amazing product.
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