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  1. Hi there Is it possible to start the maintenance mode via the commandline? (e.g. PCMonitorManager.exe call with param). My server performs a weekly reboot. I have a shutdown script which ends all services, task, etc. and a start script which starts them again after the reboot. Now, i have to manually start the maintenance mode, wait until the reboot over night is done, and then end the maintenance mode manually again. Is it possible that i can start the maintenance mode in my shutdown script, and exit maintenance mode in the start script? Thanks for any hint :-) Regards Simon
  2. Hi Marius Now it works. I didn't changed anything oO Thanks for your help anyway Regards Simon
  3. Hi Marius The website is working correctly, when i open it on my server: Thanks and regards Simon
  4. Hi Marius Yes, the date/time is correct. Regards SImon
  5. Hi When i try to validate my account, i get the following error: I tried to connect to this server via telnet, and i didn't get any error. I also restartet the pc monitor service, but the error remains. PC Monitor lost connection today at 01:37am. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks and regards Simon
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