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  1. This is still happening . Maybe it's because I haven't set much up for notification ... just reboot really. So I only get a message once every few months. Anyway, deleted and re-registered my mobile 2/12/2014, and it was getting notifications. Haven't had any notifications since then till today when it came through as an email. Checking my account I see my mobile is - again - not registered for push notifications. If this is a Windows thing, it's yet another reason not to use Windows Phone. As if we needed that.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll uninstall and re-install the mobile app, and then relogin to my account, and see what happens. If the problem persists, is this a MS issue ? Has anyone else reported it ?
  3. This is now an issue for my Windows machine too. I'm only getting emails, not alerts Ah, UPDATE. My mobile device is NOW showing as "Push notifications - No". Which it most certainly wasn't 3 weeks ago. Also I can't seem to change that setting ...
  4. support emailed yesterday. No response, or ticket reference, yet.
  5. FURTHER UPDATE: Interesting. My Windows machine seems to trigger push alerts (to my phone) but my Linux (Debian-amd64) machine doesn't. It seems to trigger emails. Is this a bug ?
  6. Just checked my settings, and I am setup for push alerts (Window Phone 8). Let's see what happens when I shut my server down, and move it back into the cupboard
  7. Been using Pulseway since it was PC-Monitor, for at least 3 years now. I noticed earlier this year (maybe about the time it was change to Pulseway) that notifications about my WINDOWS machine changed from being SMS alerts to my phone, to emails. I made no changes at all (in fact I haven't touched it since it was installed. It really is that good). I assumed this was a policy decision at Pulseway towers, and forgot about it. However, today, I have upgraded my Debian server, and reinstalled Pulseway on it. ... 1) Didn't there use to be a GUI to configure it under Linux ? 2) When it started the service, I got an SMS message !!!!! Now personally I *prefer* an SMS, since I can't always get email. But I wondered, what's the deal here ?
  8. Thanks for that. I suspect you have hit the nail on the head ... when web filtering is on, I cannot access the https:// site, despite the URL being whitelisted. I need to find out more about setting the router up.
  9. Hi, thanks for reply. Apologies for seeming a little slow on the uptake, but there must be a specific endpoint the software needs to "see" to allow it to report the status of the machine, and to control it ? Currently, I am using a router, which allows me to set a time-based rule for specific machines to be able to access the internet. It also allows you to provide exceptions. My desire is to create exceptions which allow mobilepcmonitor to work. Currently, I've put *.mobilepcmonitor.* in, which allows access to any site with "mobilepcmonitor" in the address. This works, as when the machine is in a banned time, I can still ping those sites (I get no reply, but the DNS works).
  10. Sorry for delay, busy busy life. I have entered those as whitelisted sites, when trying to ping them from my sons machine during the internet blackout period, DNS is able to resolve *.mobilepcmonitor.* However, as soon as the internet cutoff happends, his machine appears offline to my MPC on my phone. What else do I need to enable/allow for his PC to be visible to MPC, even if the internet is cutoff ?
  11. Great, many thanks ... my developing days stopped at .NET 3.5 ... mobile technologies are a new thing for me
  12. I have just done a test, and can confirm that even though I am not running the PCMonitor app on my phone, it is still responding to notifications from monitored machines.
  13. 1) Great - done, thanks. 2) Sorry, there appears to be a little confusion, still. I am not concerned about the monitored machine. It is the MOBILE app, I am concerned about. It seems to me it is constantly connecting to the servers to update the machine status, which is a drain on my phone battery ... it would be nice to disable background connections, and only connect when the app is loaded up .....
  14. 1) I tried this on my Linux machine, but can't find a "registered computers" section ... 2) I didn't make myself clear ... I am not worried about the internet usage of the MONITORED machine ... it's the internet usage of the mobile app (in my case on a Windows Phone) I am worried about. Even when I am not viewing PCMonitor, it seems to be connecting to the internet, as when I power on a monitored machine I get an alert. I was wondering if the is someway of disabling this background monitoring, as (data charges aside) it'll be an extra drain on the battery ...
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