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Judging from this post, they want to implement their own remote desktop support. Asking for remote desktop is not as helpful as providing what kind of remote desktop features you would be interested on.


I'd like to see the following remote desktop features:

  • Keyboard layout switching (host or client's layout)
  • Clipboard sync when clipboard is just plain text
  • Binding CTRL + ALT + DEL to a button or a similar hotkey
  • Hooking WIN and WIN + KEY hotkeys so that they only get forwarded to the machine without executing locally
  • Integration with the windows dashboard app, I don't need it on my phone. I hate doing remote desktop with a phone or tablet.
  • Support for MAC maybe?

What are you expecting to see in PC Monitor's Remote Desktop?

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Agree with Paul, that Remote Desktop would be actually usefull only in Windows Dashboard application, and not on phone or tablet. Although on bigger and bigger tablets coming onto market today, I guess it's a feature to be missed very soon.


For Windows Desktop app...well, I am using already proven Remote Desktop solution Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager, which is free (with limited, but still very useful features). What's nice about that is it also includes VNC, HTTP and other types of connections, so if PCM will choose that path, my suggestions would be to include:

- Windows RDC client

- VNC client

- open in browser (HTTP and HTTPS)

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