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Edit group name of multiple clients


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Was this ever done, seems like  massive task managing servers, we have a new group now, and it would be great if you could just multiple select machines under the systems window and then click change settings. 

Or have a drag and drop, so you can drag a system out of one group and put it into another, to go with this, we need an option to create groups on the fly.







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Hi Tim,

This feature is planned to come in tandem with the centralized agent configuration management feature. In the mean time you can centrally update the group name of Windows and Linux systems through the automation module by changing the system registry or the config file for Linux.

Let me know if I can help you with the script.


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I've been moving clients between groups with the script below, and it might be useful to some of you.. If you need to do it in a bigger batch, then maybe you can create a scope and attach the script to a task that has the scope connected to it. Also, tags could be used to further narrow down the targeted clients.


#Replace 'NewGroupNameHere' with whatever group name you would like to use.
#Example, $NewGroup = 'Servers'

$PreviousGroup = Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name GroupName
$NewGroup = 'NewGroupNameHere'
Write-Host 'The Pulseway group is currently set to:' $PreviousGroup.GroupName
Write-Host 'The Pulseway group will be set to:' $NewGroup
Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name GroupName -Value $NewGroup
Write-Host 'Verifying...'
$Verification = Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name GroupName
Write-Host 'The Pulseway group was successfully changed to' $Verification.GroupName


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18 hours ago, paulfrancis said:

Was just looking for a way to manage multiple clients at once to edit/change tags, groups etc from the web app.  Hoping it was possible but seems that its not yet.


If you download the Pulseway Dashboard (https://www.pulseway.com/download/PCDashboard_x64.msi) and log in, you can right click on each desktop and edit the group name without touching any of the machines. Not exactly a batch action, but you don't have to touch any machine.

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