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I have a Pulseway free account.

Recently I added a new user account to my main Windows 11 PC. This PC has two users with the Pulseway application installed on both.

I also have another system being used as a home media server and this has Pulseway installed.

For some reason, Pulseway thinks I have three registered systems on my account even though the account itself only shows two systems.

Please could someone explain why this is happening. Is this a bug?

Pulseway - Account.png


Pulseway - Email.png

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Hi there,

Can you look under the Account -> Manage Systems (there you should see all 3 systems and also have the ability of removing one of them).


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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

There seemed to be an old system that was attached. I have now removed this so hopefully, everything should be correct now.

I will provide an update if this is not the case.

Kind Regards,


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