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  1. Currently when clicking on the Pulseway system tray icon, only two things appear - 1) Request Support and 2) About Pulseway. With most icons, when clicking on them their application opens up. Please could this be added for Pulseway on the desktop.
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you for your reply. There seemed to be an old system that was attached. I have now removed this so hopefully, everything should be correct now. I will provide an update if this is not the case. Kind Regards, Tamoor
  3. Hi, I have a Pulseway free account. Recently I added a new user account to my main Windows 11 PC. This PC has two users with the Pulseway application installed on both. I also have another system being used as a home media server and this has Pulseway installed. For some reason, Pulseway thinks I have three registered systems on my account even though the account itself only shows two systems. Please could someone explain why this is happening. Is this a bug?
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