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Enter maintenance mode via cmd


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Hi there

Is it possible to start the maintenance mode via the commandline? (e.g. PCMonitorManager.exe call with param).

My server performs a weekly reboot. I have a shutdown script which ends all services, task, etc. and a start script which starts them again after the reboot.

Now, i have to manually start the maintenance mode, wait until the reboot over night is done, and then end the maintenance mode manually again.

Is it possible that i can start the maintenance mode in my shutdown script, and exit maintenance mode in the start script?

Thanks for any hint :-)



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Or you can create a .reg file for the enabled and disabled file and call it from terminal like this:

regedit.exe /s path_to_your_reg_file
or even better you can create batch scripts that contain the command and place them in your PATH variable (by default system32 and windows are included in path) then you can type:

With PC Monitor the posibilities are endless ^_^


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