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Local IP Address

Daniel Ramsay

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Hi Support,

Firstly I have to say that I really love this program, it has really put a spotlight on efficiency and making day to day server support a breeze.

I also have to commend you on your ongoing commitment to the community in providing updates and improvements.

As for my feature request, is it possible to have a LOCAL UP ADDRESS added either before or after the EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS option.

At the moment I have to fire up the command prompt widget and hit an IPCONFIG to get the address.

A quick visual would help improve remote troubleshooting when getting users to ping servers and such.

Thanks again for the great work



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Plus one! This is something that would help, however this comes with a problem too: Which IP should be displayed from which adapter? A network adapter can have multiple ips and a computer may have multiple adapters.

It could work if you only display Local IP Address and if you tap on it to show you a list with all ips grouped by adapters.

Nice monitor support btw. It fits great for PCM!


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@chrisporosky You can see all internal IP addresses for the NICs you have monitored from the Pulseway apps in the Network section. If the system is offline you can run the IP Summary report to get the list of IPs.


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Hi @MatthewR,


Why not give us a deeper menu, like "Asset Info"? Just list all of the local IP's per Device? Would help so much with deployments.

Currently this information is available via Reports if you have enabled the Network interface monitoring from the Pulseway Pulseway manager .



The report is called 'IP summary'. Please read more about the reporting from this article.

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