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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I am not sure why the probe is not working. 1) The machines are all on the same subnet 2) No firewall blocking 3) Agent never been installed before Regardless I have used Group Policy to deploy so all good. I'd love to know how to disable the desktop icon as it causes user questions every time they see it. Plus I'd like to know how to enforce locking of the setings when deploying via GP Thanks
  2. McHenry

    Check file age

    We are currently assessing Pulseway and use Nagios presently for monitoring. A core requirement is to be able to monitor files & folders, we have two requirements: a) Monitor the files in a folder with the "abc" extension and alert if one exists with a "Created Date" greater than 2 hours ago b) Monitor the folder "Modified date" and alert if less than 2 hours ago Is this possible with Pulseway?
  3. Can this be configured via the Pulseway group policy? We have multiple agents already installed.
  4. Where is the network section?
  5. Hi, I am testing Pulseway and have deployed a few agents, all good. One of the agents I have configured as a discovery probe, all good. The probe has located a number but not all of the computers on the LAN. At another site the probe is not locating ANY other computers on the LAN. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?
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