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Hi there,

For the Pulseway 3rd party patching system to work you need to provide it with an MSI file, not an executable bootstrapper. MSIs enforce a certain standard that allows us to identify if the application is already installed and perform the installation or removal without any user interaction.


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5 minutes ago, kylorenisntdead said:

I too have the same issue but i am using an MSI. have tried Sharepoint, icloud, drop box. etx

Hi there,

I've checked your custom software titles and it seems that UC-ONE was successfully provisioned and Test has failed to provision because the iCloud link you've provided is not a direct link to the file so our provisioning system is receiving HTML text instead of the MSI file.


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10 hours ago, kylorenisntdead said:

Can you please provide more information on why this is happening. here is the link

I've removed the link for your security. Basically iCloud and most other file sharing websites try to hide direct links to the files in order to prevent the spread of malware and to prevent abuse of their service. That being said, you do want to be able to download files without any user interaction on the site so you should host these files on a publicly accessible web server that you control, AWS S3 or a similar file hosting service which allows you to directly access the file and not a landing page which then links to the actual file.


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Hi @Scott1987,

It appears that the link is redirecting to another page and our package collector doesn't handle redirects yet (we'll add it soon). In the meantime feel free to use the actual download link of the file: https://swupdate.openvpn.net/beta-downloads/connect/openvpn-connect-


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