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i´m testing this RMM atm.

Is it possible to implement WOL on a Probe?

For example choosing the probe then the Machines Show up which are on the same Network or same Customer and Option to do WOL.

If you´ve many Machines to Manage You would Need to Edit Firewall Rules for each Machine and Edit the Settings of each machine.Would be way to much work.

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Hi @Christopher,

Once you deploy the Pulseway agents from the probe you have the option to import all settings for the Pulseway agent from another system. However this operation will not make any changes to the firewall on your system and most definitely will not be able to enable WOL option in BIOS of your monitored system. If your system supports this functionality and all requirements are preset, then WOL option will work if the external firewall for your site supports this option.

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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That´s true, but not actually what i meant.

My Suggestion was as long there  is a probe active on the System it would be nice to send the probe an order to wake up a specific device by wol and not by wow, cause all i found online was just About Need to configure Firewall and specify for each device a port and route it. 

After some testing now. This feature already exists, i can tell the System wol on devices and they wake up without no port configuration on it, as Long the probe is enabled it works (don´t know if i Need the probe or just a active System in that specific Network).


Sorry for wrong capital letters that´s my autocorrect here and it´s used to german ;)

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