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Well MySQL and MsSQL are two of the most used solutions and I think it would be great to have them. Also it would be great if we can *hook* to the database module with our plugins :lol: .

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My thoughts are, main features should be:

  • Start or stop instances.
  • Structured Queries (We can create a structured set of queries to run to find information, etc)
  • Performance Information
  • Manage log files.
  • Start or stop the SQL
  • View, Start, Stop, Edit or delete Jobs
  • Replication Status
  • User and Credential Management

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- Start or stop the SQL Server

You can do this with Services feature.

- View, start, stop, view the backup or jobs history even restores a DB from backup

You can view, start, (stop?) agent jobs, and restore them via query (you can add favorite queries to avoid writing them).

- View errors reporting from database

You can view the server log.

All that for MSSQL server.

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