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  1. Yeah, I was afraid that's how it was. I just don't want to use corporate resources for my personal systems. Thanks for the update.
  2. I have an Enterprise Server, for work. I want a way to use PC Monitor on my home systems as well, while keeping it separate. Can I make my personal, cloud hosted account, an associated account of my work account (and I can't see how to do that.)? If so, that would work. If not, then your suggestion doesn't solve my problem. Dan
  3. Marius, I have the same issue. Wouldn't republishing the application to iTunes with a slightly different name allow us to have multiple instances of the same application on the same device? That would solve the problem for me. Maybe keep the existing version and add "PC Monitor - Home" and "PC Monitor - Enterprise"? It would be the same app, but the mobile devices would differentiate it and allow two copies, pointed at different instances of the web service, to coexist on the same device. No extra coding on your part, but solves the problem for us. Dan
  4. I had the exact same problem and believe it or not, it turned out to be the July 1 leap second issue described here: http://artipc10.vub.ac.be/wordpress/2012/07/01/leap-second-causing-ksoftirqd-and-java-to-use-lots-of-cpu-time/ I didn't figure it out until I was using Eclipse to build a plug-in and it was dog slow too. A bit of googling pointed me in the right direction. Hope that helps you! Dan
  5. This is awesome! Of course its a couple of weeks after my team manually installed the client on 50+ windows machines using templates, but still its awesome! Thanks for being so responsive Marius.
  6. The ability to kick off MSSQL jobs would be nice.
  7. I'm very happy with the product! I like it so much, I want to use it on my PCs at home as well as my work systems. The problem is, I can only have one instance of the app on my phone and it only saves one set of credentials. Swapping back and forth is a bit of a hassle. Accessing multiple accounts from the app would be awesome! Dan
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