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  1. Hi. Work great on WIndows Server 2008 R2, but in Windows Server 2008 says "OS not suported" Any chance it will work in Server 2008? pleaseeee
  2. Wow!!!! I really want to work with that too!!!! reallyyou do not need help ¿? B) B) come on guys!!!
  3. It would be great - Start or stop the SQL Server - View, start, stop, view the backup or jobs history even restores a DB from backup - View errors reporting from database
  4. Hi guys, have you thought up your program to run on Windows 8? MetroUI would be a great app, and it would be very comfortable to work on computers with screens bigger and richer than those of a tablet or a phone. Here is a beta tester if they decide to do ;-)
  5. Hi!!!! release support for SQL Sever have a date ¿? Great work!!!!
  6. ok thx!!! waiting for next version app. I try to see the screen in the web app and is work!! For clarification, the screen i can see is the local session for a any user connected to a server or pc ? in the server for exaple i can see any terminal server user session active ? Some days a go i ask for a feature: is posible to see in "User section" any user logon on a server ? is very interesting the posibility to manage all user in the domain controller ( can see all opened files or can logoff a specific user or all user) Keep this good work!!!
  7. hi. i have a subscription account. I activate the screen view in all my servers but dont work. i activate the feature, restart the server but i have only this message in the ipad app when i try to see the screen: "Screen Error" "Screen not available" and a dismiss button. I make something wrong ? The session i try to see is a Administrator user in Remote Desktop session console or admin
  8. Hi: In the new features in Apple Store announces some new such as: "Live view of all user sessions on a computer (subscribers / dedicated server user only)". But if i open de User secction in Ipad app only i can see the Server Administrator session, but some more user has a session opened in that server. I have a subscription for 20 computer. Why don't see all other user sessions ¿? is something i have to configure ¿?
  9. Great add the sql module!!! wait for it!
  10. Hi: I dont now if is a bug When i try to start a remote desktop to a server from the windows dashboard it trying to connect to a WAN IP for that server, this con not be done. If you want to connect from Internet to a more than one server in the same network, you must change the remote desktop port in every server to a diferent port. By default all server has a 3389 TCP port to Remote Desktop or Terminal Server. You must put in the Windows App a configuring option for remote Desktop in each Server. Also if a good idea put a selection option for connect as "Console Mode" (Admin mode for Vista Sp1 or better).
  11. Hi: You can add support to Microsoft iSCSI Target ¿? and Windows Storage Server ¿? I have a couple Storage Server R2 and will would be great to have a control over these functions... keep with your good work !!!
  12. I planning to deploy 46" in a month or two, when the new IT support office is complete. When the 46" screen is up and running i take a picture and post here Thx.. and keep up running your app!!!!
  13. Any time you log in a DC in a event is registrered in event log, in the same way, a event is registrered when a user logout. Some users may leave their session open, but is easy to see when viewing the user downtime activity. The system should only record the login or logout events of the selected domain users, not every login or logout events, because there are too many to consider. Using the Share and Storage Management Console in Windows Server you easily see all user login in a specific file server and you can close specific session or all active sessions on that server.
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