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Philosophical Question


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It seems that Pulseway has made a philosophical decision that doesnt quite make sense for MSPs.  I cannot find a way to select a group of computers on which to perform an action.  Specifically, I would like to add Tags to machines across clients, install Webroot on groups of machines, or activate the new 3rd Party Patch Management.  In each case, I would have to click into each machine or click the agent then add a Tag, or click install on each agent.  If I wanted to install the Patch Management on 100 Machines it would require at least 300 clicks AFTER we identified which machines we wanted to include in the new policy. 

I know Pulseway is mobile forward, but there is nothing wrong with a checkbox here or there.  It would be great to be able to identify a subset of machines and select them with a checkbox and then install, tag, or manually run a script on all those machine regardless of their client affiliation, location, or type of machine.

Thank you,


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  • Staff

Hi @dpbklyn,

Thank you for contacting us. We already supporting the option to assign policies in batches, therefore if you will configure the search filter to show the required systems, then at the bottom you will see the batch options.

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