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PSA notification from email notes


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When we create a note from the webapp, we have a business process that notifies the client that a note has been added to a ticket, however, when we create a note from an email, it gets added to the ticket, but a notification doesnt go out.  

How can we configure a business process that emails a client a notification that a note has been added to the ticket (by email)?

Thank you,


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Hi @dpbklyn,

Please try to explain to us. Who is sending these emails?

It is possible that workflow is not con figured to be triggered if the email is coming from the email parser? Please share the images showing the workflow, so we can assist you with the configuration for it?

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One of US will be forwarding the emails to Pulseway.  After years of working with clients, frequently they email our technicians directly.  With our previous RMM, we were able to forward THOSE emails to the system and it would be able to distinguish between the email originator and our team member that actually sent the email. 

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