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FEATURE REQUEST : Next to % also add MB/GB etc..

Jeremy Otten

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It would be nice to be able to specify GB or MB when monitoring for free diskspace or free memory.

Because now.. for example.. when i have a system with 16GB of memory and use the 10% setting i would get an alert when there is still 1600MB of free space.. which is more then enough.

Same for Harddisks.. a 500GB harddisk would still have 50GB free with 10% and 25GB free with 5% I would just like to set a treshold on 2GB freespace.. for all systems.. for example..

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When monitoring free space, we are currently using these baselines:

Disks < 130 GB : Elevated at 15% and Critical at 5%
Disks > 130 GB : Elevated at 15GB and Critical at 5GB

Currently that is a manual process, and we need to set it up again if we add new disks.

We are thinking of implementing a plugin to automatic configure levels for new disks.


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