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FEATURE REQUEST : Different Policy Design..

Jeremy Otten

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OK now we can create a Policy for all the systems in a Group.

We use the groups now as Company Containers.

When we create a policy for example to monitor the memory and notify when there is only x % left.. I would like to differentiate between that.. a SQL server for example and an Exchange server are know to consume all memory. So those i would set on 5%.. while other servers i would set on 10-15%

When i now set the a policy on the group.. the 5% is for every server.

I would like to see a design more like in Active Directory Policies.. so that you set a global Policy.. which is for all the devices.. and you can set a local setting (of the OU the object itself is in).. different from the default policy (settings) (in AD the setting of the Policy in the lowest OU which the object in is overrules higher policies..).. this way you can have the ease of setting multi systems @ once.. and the Ability to change just the few systems that need different settings..

You could Say just create a different group.. COMPANY-Exchange and set different policy to that.. but that is not that nice.. also not on the Monitoring Dashboard.. I want all the servers of a Company Grouped togheter..

Please Add..

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