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Wake up command no longer working


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First time posting here; been using Pulseway for years without issue.

Recently, however, I am seeing a number of issues with the wake up command. Neither the web interface, nor my app (android, Galaxy s7 edge) while on cellular connection works resulting in a 'wake up command failed' message. To further complicate the issue, I can only get the wake up command to work over wifi as long as I'm on my home network. Until recently, it worked over the internet, which is desired.

I've looked at all my settings & configurations, but everything seems to be as it was. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it, particularly troubleshooting WOL over 4G failing messaging.


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For Windows machines, I have found that the wake up command needs a few things to work.  First, the system being woken up must be connected via a wired network connection.  WOL usually doesn't work over a WLAN connection.  (This may be possible, but none of my system support WOL over WLAN)   Second, there must be another system on the same network to send the WOL packet.  So either my monitoring device (tablet or phone) must be on the same network, or there must be another system monitored by Pulseway on the same network.  So for example, if I have two monitored systems on the same network, and one is  asleep, I can send a wake up command from my phone over cellular data from outside that network.  If there is only one monitored system on a network, and my phone is not connected to the same network, I cannot wake it up.

There are just what I've figured out on my own, but hopefully this will be helpful to you.


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We've designed Pulseway to be able to wake your system even without your phone being on the same network as the system you're trying to wake. Make sure that the system you're trying to wake up has WOL enabled in BIOS, you've created a NAT rule for UDP 9, you're using a wired ethernet connection and you have the NIC drivers from the device manufacturer rather than the ones shipped with the OS.


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El 8/04/2016 a las 15:16, Paul dijo:

Hemos diseñado Pulseway para poder activar su sistema incluso sin que su teléfono esté en la misma red que el sistema que está activando. Asegúrese de que el sistema que está intentando activar tiene WOL habilitado en BIOS, ha creado una regla NAT para UDP 9, está utilizando una conexión Ethernet por cable y tiene los controladores NIC del fabricante del dispositivo en lugar del envío con el sistema operativo.


Hola Pablo, verifique que esté habilitado en el BIOS WOL, cree una regla NAT para UDP 9, los drivers están ok y el cable también. Funciona todo bien cuando la enciendo desde mí celular conectado a mí wifi, pero cuando lo desconectó y uso mí red de celular, no funciona. Alguna idea? Gracias! (El error que me da la app desde el celular es "wake up command failed")

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