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Screenshot via API aka. Screenshot Dashboard


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Hi guys

I've already contacted Pulseway support about this last year and I was told that they are looking into it.
Now I'd like to get a quick update, if it's still being considered, and what other users think.

I would like to have a (REST) API where I can get different values (especially the screens) like they are provided via the official apps.
And is there any chance we could get a more capable API until summer 2016? (Otherwise I'll have to code it myself. :-D)

In my specific case I want to build a web-based dashboard which displays frequently updated screenshots of each system.
This would be very useful if you run digital signage computers or similar systems and want to check, if the displayed contents are okay.

When digging into the official web-app I saw that Pulseway is already using such an API with AngularJS. Would it be possible to make this API (or parts of it) public?


Alternatively displaying the screen contents could also be implemented into the Dashboard app. (It wouldn't quite solve my case but it's something. :-) )

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