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Import/Export of localized Performance Counters

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I have a problem with moving performance counters between servers with different Windows Languange Pack.

The problem is that many of the build in Performance Counters are localized by Microsoft, so they cannot be found. Tragic But True :(

Here is a few examples:

  • en-US : \LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length
  • da-DK : \Logisk disk(*)\Gennemsnitslængde af diskkø
  • en-US : \Paging File(*)\% Usage
  • da-DK : \Sidefil(*)\% anvendelse


I have found a webpage describing how to substitude the strings with IDs.


Perhaps you could look into something like that in the future?


Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved


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This is a but strange.

If I put it directly directly into registry bothe the english title and the danísh translation is working, when looking at performance counters in the mobile app.

but if I try to change the english title in the pulseway manager it cannot look up the categories.


Br, Martin.

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