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Hey Guys - 

Thanks for a great product!  I have subscribed for a couple of years now and it keeps getting better!

I saw one other post for it, but wanted to 2nd the request for SCCM integration.  I've focused on SCCM for a few years now and what it really lacks is some sort of mobile soulution.  As long as it's secure, I could think of at least 5 other companies which would use Pulseway immediately if just for the SCCM support alone.  In my mind, I'd think it would be in two sections - features for clients and features for the server.  I understand that not all of it's features would be available, but below is a ranked list of the capabilities I'd like to see in it if ever considered:

1. View Reports / Distribution & Compliance Stats

2. Ability to add Devices / Users to Collections

3. Advertise Applications / Packages & Programs / Task Sequences to User or Device collections

4. Trigger actions for clients (Force policy refresh) / server (initiate WSUS sync)

5. Examine log files (clients have ~120 / server has about ~180)

Just wanted to comment - Thanks!

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