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Martin Stevnhoved

Windows Updates - can we ignore the last X days

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Pulseway can already send us a notification "when critical or important updates are available".

But we would like to be able to specify a time period in days, before we get a notification


We have an other mecanism/script that installs Windows updates, but we would like to use the pulseway notication as fallback. 

So basicly we would like to enter a number of days, so the the search for available updates ignores updates released within the last X days.


At the same time it would be nice to change the Windows update search criteria string :D


Defaults could be someting like:


  • string: IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software' and IsHidden=0
  • days: 14


Any thoughts about this?



Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved

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Hi Martin,


Thank you for your feedback. I've noted your request on our todo list, it will be considered by the development team for a future release.




Pulseway Support

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On 12/20/2018 at 4:10 AM, Paul said:

Hey Martin,

You are not the only one looking for this and this feature just might come in when we're adding support for 3-rd party patch management next year.


And this came 3 years after it was first brought up. Just how far behind the times is Pulseway?

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