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Alerts Windows Update


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Hello team ! Hello community !



New to pulseway, but already loving it !


We do monitor a large bunch of windows laptops, and set up pulseway to alert when there are critical updates are available. The consequence of this setting is that whenever Microsoft releases a critical update, we have random critical alerts as soon as the laptop gets connected, which is not manageable.


We could deactivate alerts, but it is not the point, as you may agree.


Do you believe there is a way to get an alert when a computer has not been updated for, for example, one month ? If yes, how would you configure that in the agent ?


Thank you for all your precious answers.






Tech background : pulseway enterprise server

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This used to be a major issue for us as well. What we did to make things manageable is to have all alerts go to e-mail. As you have probably guessed, from there we are able to apply rules. Specifically, we move any update messages to a folder that does not trigger an alert. (Missing an update isn't anywhere near as urgent as overheating or low disk space.) We can then either check that folder or the app, which we would expect to have a lot of update alerts. "Important" alerts are still sent to the inbox so they are not missed amongst the update alerts.


I agree it would be nice to have the update alert only trigger after X number of days. Even better yet, a (separate) alert for a failed update. (This is what I am really interested in.)


I hope that is helpful.



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