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  1. Now i have to go to a local installed Maager.. do Managed devices (for Example).. and then One by One open devices.. and TYPE in a certain Group.. This is not of this time.. It should be that we only have to install an agent.. connect it to our server.. and then to the management... multiple select / group sorting... policy application etc.. centrally.. with Bulk Actions and all.. Please add this.. the product needs it.
  2. Show in the roadmap what you are working on.. and what is scheduled for the next release.. and what is plant for coming releases. Coming release + next release is enough i guess.. then people know what they can expect.. when.
  3. At this moment we use groups to see logical seperation between our customers that we monitor. But when we select Roles.. for AD, Vmware or whaterver management.. we do not see a logical seperation.. When customers have alot of the same (standard) server names.. we cannot see which server is for which customer.. As you set this product in the market as an MSP product (also) more logical seperation should be possible...
  4. Hey guys, What do you think about adding a search function to easily find any device in the 'Remote Desktop Manger' - we have several pages of agents and at the end of the day they all look the same... making it searchable would be sure winner.. Cheers - Grunta
  5. Is it possible to retrieve the current notification via som API/OData/Webservice. And is it posible to to delete a noticifation this way Well, the mobile apps can do it, so I guess teh webservice exists - but is it public available? Altso it would be cool if the notification archive of Enterprise server were availabe as OData so it could be used in PowerBI. Br, Martin.
  6. Hi guys I've already contacted Pulseway support about this last year and I was told that they are looking into it. Now I'd like to get a quick update, if it's still being considered, and what other users think. I would like to have a (REST) API where I can get different values (especially the screens) like they are provided via the official apps. And is there any chance we could get a more capable API until summer 2016? (Otherwise I'll have to code it myself. :-D) In my specific case I want to build a web-based dashboard which displays frequently updated screenshots of each system. This would be very useful if you run digital signage computers or similar systems and want to check, if the displayed contents are okay. When digging into the official web-app I saw that Pulseway is already using such an API with AngularJS. Would it be possible to make this API (or parts of it) public? Alternatively displaying the screen contents could also be implemented into the Dashboard app. (It wouldn't quite solve my case but it's something. :-) )
  7. Hi. We have the idea, that it would be great if you could define two separate configurations sets for a server. The second set could be a transparent version of the real configuration set, but with possibility to disable every notification fine grained. Then it should be possible to set up a week schedule for when to use each configuration set, like "service hours" and "off-service hours". Perhaps also an option to "postpone notifications durring off-service hours" to first let them be send, when entering service hours again. Today most of our servers is not services 24/7, and we get a lot of performance notifications durring night, related to backup (like, cpu, memory and disk i/o). We have thought about setting servers in maintenance mode for nights and weekends, but we are afraid of missing backup errors (that we monitors through eventlog monitoring). Do you have any thoughts about this. How is everyone else handling this? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  8. Hi. It it possible to download some of your extra components durring unattended setup, or afterwards by command line etc.? Specificly we are talking about: System --> Remote Desktop --> Enable Remote Desktop --> Yes to download Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Yes to download Br, Martin.
  9. Hi. I have a problem with moving performance counters between servers with different Windows Languange Pack. The problem is that many of the build in Performance Counters are localized by Microsoft, so they cannot be found. Tragic But True Here is a few examples: en-US : \LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length da-DK : \Logisk disk(*)\Gennemsnitslængde af diskkø en-US : \Paging File(*)\% Usage da-DK : \Sidefil(*)\% anvendelse I have found a webpage describing how to substitude the strings with IDs. http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2013/07/19/querying-performance-counters-from-powershell/ Perhaps you could look into something like that in the future? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  10. I would like to see a feature that you can create some basic custom commands. For instance, a button on the app that allows you to empty the trashcan, delete temporary files, clear Internet data, or even just run a full system cleaner session. However, having a button that leads to a new menu, and being able to add a wide variety of commands to that that are preprogrammed by pulse way, then preselected by the user to be in that list. Then make sure it is open to custom API's for even more functionality.
  11. Hey We use Pluseway is a setup where we would have grater insight of our current status of our server farm, so we have a need for combining data from pulseway with data from newrelic this would be easy if there where an Public "Dashboard" api. Could be a super nice feture, and make it super easy to combine data for better oversight, Best regards Jacob Ipsen - CEO FlexPOS.com
  12. It'd be great to have Eset license expiry warnings, and maybe optional 'virus signature out of date'
  13. Hi For a faster and better overview, we would like the group headlines in the dashboard colored by the alerts in that group. The information is already present as numbers in the right side in the headline, but coloring the background accordingly would be a easy way to give a fast overview. Have a look at my attempt to do that in photoshop BR – Carsten
  14. Hi We would love to have the following possibility regarding answers to notifications. 1) When I receive a mail during out-of-office hours, due to some problems with our servers, the notification is send to 2-4 persons depending on what problem that occurs. All persons receive a personalized mail with only their own mail address instead of all persons listed in the same mail. That stops me from pressing, "answer all" and write, "no problem, I will look into this". The problem is that more than one person starts to look into the same problem and disturb each other - or even worse, everyone think someone else is looking into the problem. 2) Another way around the same topic is a possibility to write notes in the android or ios app. When a notification is opens at the phone, you can select between “go to system”, “email” and “delete”. If we here had a 4th possibility “add note and update recipients” Here you could write, “I look into this” and send info to recipients of the original notification. It could also give you possibility to write if the case later is escalated, paused for some time, solved etc. BR - Carsten
  15. One of the things keeping us from pushing Pulseway out on all of our managed computers is that its very difficult to change the Pulseway settings on many computers at once (you have to change each computer individually). If there was some way that we could push a settings change to a whole group this would help enormously (most other RMM software seems to use Policies or Templates for this).
  16. I monitor a server that has additional network connections other than the one that connects it to the internet. I would like to be able to receive a notification when a certain network connection state changes from connected to disconnected. Thanks
  17. I know there is probably 100 posts regarding improving the Dashboard Program for Windows PC. I'm wanting some information on any plans in the works to redesign/ improve the program and an ETA on when these are expected. One thing I would like to be able to do with the current version at least is, when viewing All notifications under the DATA tab (or Ctrl+N) is the ability to be able to sort via Criticality of notifications, Time/Date, System, Group, and Message. I would also like the ability to be able to select and delete multiple notifications using either the shift+click or Ctrl+Click method in both this view or by going into the individual systems and doing so. Obviously I would also like the same functionality for configuration options and system visibility that the Web App/ mobile apps give users, combined with the current configuration capabilities the desktop app already provides
  18. Hey Guys - Thanks for a great product! I have subscribed for a couple of years now and it keeps getting better! I saw one other post for it, but wanted to 2nd the request for SCCM integration. I've focused on SCCM for a few years now and what it really lacks is some sort of mobile soulution. As long as it's secure, I could think of at least 5 other companies which would use Pulseway immediately if just for the SCCM support alone. In my mind, I'd think it would be in two sections - features for clients and features for the server. I understand that not all of it's features would be available, but below is a ranked list of the capabilities I'd like to see in it if ever considered: 1. View Reports / Distribution & Compliance Stats 2. Ability to add Devices / Users to Collections 3. Advertise Applications / Packages & Programs / Task Sequences to User or Device collections 4. Trigger actions for clients (Force policy refresh) / server (initiate WSUS sync) 5. Examine log files (clients have ~120 / server has about ~180) Just wanted to comment - Thanks!
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