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  1. Hello Johnni, My plugin is 98% based on the openSessions script from your plugin so I can tell you for sure that if something is not working on my plugin you will have the same problem with the script. I am installing a SBS 2011 and 2008R2 right now to perform more testing. Paul.
  2. Hello, Thank you for the feedback, I only tried it on Windows Server 2003 Std. Tomorrow I will look over WMI of a server 2008. Paul.
  3. Hello Cesar, I am sorry to hear that it didn't work well, can you please explain what actually happened? Did the plugin display "Server OS Not Detected" on the computer details output or it just didn't show up anything at all. If it doesn't show anything please enable Diagnostic Logging from Settings tab and Diagnostics subtab. Doing so PC Monitor will start writing log details to a file called trace.log that can be found in the Pulseway installation folder. Please copy and paste any errors that are shown there in a reply over here so I can check it out. Also do you have Windows 2008 Service Pack 1? Please type the following command in run: "winver" and reply with the Version and Build numbers, Windows 7 SP1 is (6.1.6001). Thank you for helping me improve my plugin. Paul.
  4. Well technically one license = one operating system monitored. It would be very difficult to handle like this, also the operating systems have unique identifiers that are used to tie your computer to your account so that no conflicts will occour. I don't think it's a good idea. If you have many dual boot computers why not consider purchasing a subscription, it's cheap and it converts your existing 3 computer licenses into premium so that you can enjoy all the subscriber only features like server modules, screen view, webcam view. Also have you tried some of the avaiable plugins ? Check them out here.
  5. Hello , Session Control allows you to view active sessions on Windows server machines and their associated files. No commands are currently implemented but I have in plan on adding a few like (Close sessions, List Shares, Delete Share). Please take your time and read the 'readme.txt' file as it explains everything you need to know about installing, using the plugin. My release is open-source bound by no license. That being said you can freely modify, distribute, claim as your work, sell and / or include in your copyrighted material as long as it doesn't breach Pulseway's license or terms and conditions. Download Link: PaulCsiki.SessionControl.zip. (Version 1.3). Changes Since 1.2 Added support for Windows Server 2012+ Changes Since 1.1 Fixed a bug where newer operating systems would not be recognized. IP address that resolve to a hostname will now print out the hostname along with the IP address. Any feedback and plugin ideas will be appreciated. Screenshots:
  6. This can be similar. Remember that speedtest requires flash player so an automatization is out of the discussion, however you can calculate the latency in other ways too. Similar Thread.
  7. I'm delaying the release for one more day since I didn't manage to finish it up. Tomorrow I will release it. Edit: Here it is: . Enjoy!
  8. You can do this from the Systems tab, and check "Enable Screens View". You can perform these changes to your computers without having to manually edit them on each computer with PC Monitor Dashboard. Cheers!
  9. Something like that yes, but PC Monitor has it's own system. You can enable it from Account Details from PC Monitor Manager.
  10. At this moment yes, but after two-way authentication is implemented into web client he will be requested a code that you will receive via email.
  11. Hello, You can have a plugin that reads the temperatures using the same dll reference Mobile PC Monitor uses and have your plugin mimic the functionality of PC Monitor however when he detects unusually high temperatures, send an email and suspend the computer. Everything is possible in programming . Paul.
  12. Also a note about deleting files, you can already do that via terminal...
  13. I will release the updated version next monday (05/03/12). Edit: see first post for version 1.3 .
  14. Thank you for your feedback. The changes you requested will be done until next monday. Paul. Update released, check first post.
  15. Or just ask the user to install the application and input your username and password then you can configure with Dashboard. Again, two-way authentication is a great asset to this process because it would secure your account so even knowing your username and password the user can't make any changes to your account.
  16. PC Monitor relies on the IP address that the computer had during it's last runtime. So if your IP Address changed when the computer with PC Monitor was offline he won't know you changed your ip address, thus Wake on Wan will fail.
  17. I believe I can add a timeout for two minutes to see if the status doesn't change back to it's original state then send a notification. Would two minutes be enough for your antivirus product to start up?
  18. Then maybe apply this change to a group? Changes to all computers usually are bad, password is an exception.
  19. It's a great idea, however I think that including them in the packages on a "examples" folder would be better because if you happen to add 50 example scripts the client who just wants to try out the plugin will end up with a pretty big list of scripts to execute , not that it would be bad tho. Paul.
  20. Hello, Yes just go to PC Monitor Manager -> Notifications tab -> Status tab -> and check Send a notification when an application was installed. Paul.
  21. Hello, 35€ / year is a very good price even for a home user. After all you use a free mobile application on unlimited clients, web user interface, notifications, server modules all which pass trough Mobile PC Monitor's servers, I can't even think it's profitable to sell subscriptions so cheap with the prices these days. I am using it for personal and professional use and I consider the prices to be acceptable. Also if your new here why not check out some cool plugins that are released here, they are free of charge and useful. Paul.
  22. Not sure if it's required to propagate the configuration over all computers, this might be invasive. If you can modify settings for each computer at-a-time should be enough.
  23. Hello, As 95% of my computers have configuration lock enabled it would be really nice to change / set passcode lock using the dashboard application. Paul.
  24. Well you can do this via registry patches. It would require some custom application that can parse and unparse some encrypted xml data which on execution will take your data from the xml configuration file and write it to windows registry. Now this is possible to be done however I can't do it these weeks. If nobody offers I will eventually write it myself however I don't think it will happen too fast. Why not enable two-way authentication, give them your username and password, and tell them to write it down inside the manager application. After this you can modify the configuration via the Dashboard application.
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