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  1. Change the start service "automatically" with "automatically late" (Sorry for my English)
  2. Hello, Windows Phone application no longer displays the notifications and the same for the tile. I have uninstalled the application, extinguished the Windows Phone, reinstalled PC monitor 3.1, it works more. If I open the notification application is in the list and when I spanked tile displays the notification.
  3. yclaf


    Yes that's right, expect to be notified when a Windows updates that server/pc needs reboot...
  4. yclaf


    Receive an alert when the PC / Server is waiting to reboot Pascal
  5. Hello, In version Company offers in Windows Updates to install packages languages, 34 languages ​​and need to uncheck it manually every time. Can you uncheck the default optional updates or packages languages?
  6. Occasionally the server appears offline. But in general there is no warning in PC Monitor and when he reappears the connection time is right and not a minute or two.
  7. Unfortunately the same problem, installed version 2.7.1
  8. Hello, During the day I have a regular server (Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 64) is offline for a moment. Meanwhile the servers running in Hyper-V are online. I uninstalled PCM 64 and I've reinstalled it fixes the problem. Thank you for your help.
  9. 2.5.1 on the PC agent. The mobile apps 2.5 Screen is black!
  10. Thank you. But in the 2.5.1 PC version or in the 2.5.1 WP version ?
  11. Yes, of course, I rebooted even the PC and tested on Windows XP, without success
  12. Hello, I don’t understand, I installed version 2.5 on stations (Seven and WP Mango), authorized the service to be interacted with the desktop and the Screen on my WP Mango is black! Help my please !
  13. Thank you and congratulations for work
  14. Hello, I saw this new function, how to use it, I do not see anything in my Windows Phone, nor in My computers? Thank's.
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