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  1. Now thigs get worse; not only PCMonitorManager.exe deleted, but also pcmontask.exe... No responce from G_Data, send them another reminder :-(
  2. Well known for several AV solutions: http://www.gdatasoftware.com/ What is unique to them for now is that they are one of few only companies providing solutions for MS Windows Home Server 2011. Just opened ticket with them, but no responce yet...
  3. Today I found PCMonitorManager.exe removed from all 3 of monitored PC by G Data AntiVirus: Gen: Variant.Barys.1958 found. Probably false alert, but need to be fixed somehow between you and G Data...
  4. Hello there ! Recently I found Mobile PC Monitor and must admitt very quckly become great fan of it! Incredible application that I already advised lots of people to use. I'm also big fan of Windows Home Server, MS solution dedicated to small business/home usage. For me this is primary platform I'm using PC Monitor with. And this leads to few features request: - would it be possible to have PC Monitor dasboard integrated into WHS/SBS dasboard as WHS/SBS add-in? - would it be possible to forward WHS/SBS alerts PC Monitor notifications? - and a bit from other angle; would it be possible to have UPS monitoring included? I mean notifications about power outage (running on battery), current battery level, restoring of external power, etc?
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