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  1. Ah, I missed that tab. Thanks! It's a little confusing having device permissions in two different places
  2. I should also add that all servers are running PC Monitor 3.2 and this server is 32bit. The client version on my mobile(s) is 3.2.1 (build 121015).
  3. I have written a command-line python script to login to our access control system and unlock doors, then added a scheduled task for each door on one of our servers where PC Monitor is installed. I've then selected each task in System > Scheduled Tasks in PC Monitor Manager 3.2. I can run the tasks by hand from Task Scheduler, but not from Mobile PC Monitor. I've tried from four different mobile devices (Nexus 7, Samsung Infuse, Droid Razr and Droid Bionic) and the command is sent, but the task is never triggered. Event Viewer shows the following: PC Monitor Warning Event ID 24002 A request was received from a non authorized device and it was denied: Request Run scheduled task '\*********' from device Id: '*********' The task name and device ID are removed on purpose, but they match the scheduled task and device ID. I've removed the device(s) from the Manage Devices dialog, and I've also tried blocking/unblocking devices in addition to visiting device access policy and revoking/granting full access. I've also verified that there are no group policies defined under Manage Computers > Manage Group Policies. I seem to have access to all information on this server and other servers from each mobile device, but I get this denial error whenever I try to manage a scheduled task.
  4. The previous solution we used for monitoring and alerts was a home-made application which uses WMI queries to monitor systems on the network. Mobile PC Monitor is a much more robust solution, but I would be interested in having the option to add "agent-less" computers by adding them to an existing computer with PC Monitor installed, defining which objects to monitor on the remote system (a workstation or laptop), then having that remote system appear in Mobile PC Monitor and the Dashboard application as a normal PC.
  5. Hi Marius, Do you have an estimated release date for the next version of the VMware server module? We had one of our test servers go down on Friday night due to a drive failure, but I didn't know about it until this morning. It's no big deal since it's only a sandbox system for software tests, but it would be great to see alerts on down hosts, and performance alerts as well. My boss is loving the desktop and mobile apps by the way. Thanks for helping make us IT guys look good
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