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  1. Preconfigured MSIs are, well, preconfigured with a set of agent-specific credentials and the URL of the server where it needs to connect to. The best part of these MSIs is that they will also be automatically placed in the Organization, Site and Agent Group of your choice so as soon as new systems register, endpoint, antivirus and patch management policies kick in. -Paul
  2. @WYE, I've removed the SERVER property from your msiexec line as it is not necessary. Preconfigured MSIs contain the server already. @PlaceboMessiah, Once you have a preconfigured MSI, you can just send them to your clients and they can install it just like any other application and they will not be prompted to enter any credentials. -Paul
  3. Paul

    403 error

    Can you please send me the API request with * instead of your actual password as a PM? -Paul
  4. Paul

    403 error

    Hi @pim, After too many invalid authentication attempts we block your IP address. You should use the your username and password for the API v2. Documented here: https://api.pulseway.com/#authentication. -Paul
  5. Hi @Mr. C, We use static code analysis to ensure that our code doesn't contain any vulnerabilities along with industry standard procedures for reviewing and testing code and binaries before any release. -Paul
  6. Hey @Tim Hall, The error indicates a problem with the server. On the server side, open the Pulseway Admin (if there are any errors upon starting please post a screenshot here) and then go to the Server Settings and enable logging. Try to register the system again and after the error message shows up send us the server logs from the c:\logs folder (archive the folder as there will be more than one file) to the email address: support@pulseway.com. -Paul
  7. Paul


    Hi Jason, Your PSA company name is METCloud, the API URL you want to call is https://psa.pulseway.com/api/servicedesk/tickets (docs). Here's (link) the documentation for the Authentication flow. -Paul
  8. Paul


    Hi Jason, That's probably the root Company Name. You use it when you login to psa.pulseway.com. -Paul
  9. Hi Rasmus, I can definitely see the use case for that. Can you drop it as a feature request here? We use that portal to identify which are the most pressing things we need to look at in the near future. -Paul
  10. Hi there, Thanks for the report. Can you please drop an email at support@pulseway.com? We'll investigate this issue. Looks like a bug. -Paul
  11. My apologies for the confusion. I wanted to say we only support non-removable hard drives (with the exception of hot swappable drives). -Paul
  12. Hi @BenjaSat, We've sunsetted the free offering. Existing free accounts will continue to work indefinitely however the system no longer accepts new registrations. -Paul
  13. Hi Todd, We only display directly attached storage devices for free disk space monitoring at this moment. Please add a feature request for this here. -Paul
  14. Hi Jayden, Refer to this forum post: -Paul
  15. Hi Janet, Please send an email to support@pulseway.com, our team will assist you on capturing trace logs from the antivirus and we'll reach out to Kaspersky Labs to troubleshoot the problem. -Paul
  16. No way right now to increase it. Can you describe the use case of the value you're trying to set? -Paul
  17. @jono1234 you're all set. Do let me know what you think of it! -Paul
  18. Hi @colsen, We've released today an update to the Windows Agent (v8.6.6) which detects the optional update released by Microsoft. It should reach your systems within 36 hours. -Paul
  19. Hi there, Apologies for that, Widgets are only available for the Team plan at this moment. We will improve on the error message in the next release. -Paul
  20. Hi Rick, Pulseway will prioritize policies ahead of the local configuration. Please note that a filled checkbox (not empty or ticked) means that the local setting will be respected. -Paul
  21. You can change the threshold from the Server Admin -> Settings page (first tab, first setting if I am not mistaken). Let me know how it goes. -Paul
  22. You can use public cloud providers like Dropbox or Google Drive and then change their URLs to provide direct download links rather than holding pages. Here's a KB article (link) on this. -Paul
  23. The threshold is only configurable for the Team plan. You could have it notify you only after an hour too. -Paul
  24. Correct, that is not accessible by admins at this moment. -Paul
  25. It's not the Pulseway agent that sends the notification but just informs the server that if it no longer hears from the agent after a period of time to send the offline notification. -Paul
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