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  1. Hi Curtsen, You would have to create variable for every devices, if you want to monitor specific drives of a server you have to register the drive as a variable, but however you can also monitor the Volumes by monitoring the RAID. Please refer to this article on how to configure RAID monitoring through SNMP.
  2. Hi Team, You can follow the instructions in this article on how to setup SNMP monitoring. Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any further questions or queries regarding this.
  3. Hi Team, Thanks for your time and patience, this feature is scheduled for implementation by the end of this year, Q4 2021.
  4. Hello TeeJay, You can configure Pulseway group policy to enable remote desktop without manually entering a script, please follow the below steps to enable remote desktop through Pulseway group policy. Open Pulseway WebApp->Server Admin->Policies->create new policy->give a name to the policy followed by a short description->System->Remote desktop->Enable the check box "Enable remote desktop"->Save. Please refer to the below link on how to create a group policy and execute it over a scope of systems. https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/1856141-how-to-configure-pulseway-group-policies
  5. Hello, Unfortunately we do not have any plan to introduce the ESET feature in the near future.
  6. Hi Beng, Thank you for contacting Pulseway support, the error 202 might occur for 2 reasons, it would occur if you are using bad credentials or if you had not used the dedicated server name, if you are team plan subscriber, please try to use the dedicated server name in the authentication tab, the dedicated server name is your instance name of the link through which you are logging into your WebApp.
  7. Hello John, At present we haven't included feature updates to our automated OS patch-management, also it is not possible to download the updates once and install it to all other systems at this time through Pulseway.
  8. Hello Natanael, Wake On WAN requires the following settings. A motherboard that supports Wake on Lan A wired network adapter that supports Wake on Lan Wake on Lan activate on BIOS Proper port forwarding if computer is behind a router/firewall By default Wake on Lan is using UDP port 9, so if your computer is behind a router or a firewall you will need to forward that port. More information can be found at www.portforward.com.
  9. Hello Techsolutions team, That's a great Idea!, we would for sure consider to add this feature in one of our future releases.
  10. Thank you so much for your suggestion, we will consider it for a future release.
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