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  1. Happy new year! Still suffering from this bug! We recently installed a new 2016 server for our Citrix environment and the issue is present.
  2. Good morning Paul, Could you please ask your technical support team to look into this again as the issue is still outstanding from June 2018. Thank you,
  3. Hi Josh, I haven't had a response from Pulseway in regards to this issue for quite a few months now. I don't think they plan to resolve this problem. Hope this helps,
  4. Hi Paul, Any news on this?? We recently built a server 2016 Citrix VDA and this problem was present on it. As soon as we connected the pulseway client to our pulseway account it relentlessly uses 15-20% CPU Please advise,
  5. Hello Paul, Happy new year, do you have any news about our technical issue?
  6. When is the next "Windows agent Maintenance release" I am still struggling on with this problem?
  7. Hi Paul, I understand that this may be a complex issue but I need it resolved. A member of your support team contacted me just after I posted this and said they would contact the developers for an update. I haven't heard anything back yet so I can only assume that no progress has been made or the support team hasn't contacted the developers. I can't continue on with this situation I need a timescale for the fix at the very least, It seems like the problem has just been shelved. Thank you,
  8. Hello, We are long-term Pulseway customers but lately the Pulseway client has developed a bug and continuously uses up to 20%+ CPU utilisation. We logged this with Pulseway on the 4th of July this year but they have been completely ignoring the ticket. I regularly reply to the email thread for an update (at least once a week) but I am ignored. The only time I had a meaningful response was when I threatened to cancel our subscription. This was short lived and now I am back to being ignored with no status updates on my ticket. We like the product but we have a handful of servers with this bug and I am simply installing other monitoring products on them. Today I have sent my usual email to Pulseway support asking for a status update on my ticket but I'm certain I'll get nothing back... The next step will then be to install a better monitoring product like Infradog and to write the same post on Spiceworks so people know that Pulseway doesn't offer good technical support.
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