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  1. We've been facing this issue since the rollout of 9.5, and it has brought our onboarding processes to a comparative standstill. After being promised a quick follow-up, we were told by support in February we have no choice but to wait until May for a solution to be included in 9.6. If/when you do reach out to support I hope you have better luck than we did!
  2. When cloning an OS or VM with Pulseway pre-installed, the unique identifier for the endpoint gets duplicated across each system, causing the behavior you're describing. If you open regedit, and navigate to: 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor', you should delete the 'ComputerIdentifier' key on each of the duplicated endpoints. The client will recreate a new identifier, and register the system correctly using another license.
  3. Was the Execute Workflow action moved / removed in the 9.4 update? It appears if I copy or modify an existing execute workflow action it still functions as expected, but I am not seeing it in the action pane.
  4. This functionality is included within 3rd party patch management in the form of Custom Titles.
  5. I would suggest modifying HKLM\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ComputerName before/after installation to allow you to distinguish them. Besides that in Account > Manage Systems you should be able to tell them apart by the time they were last online. Depending on the logistics of your installation, you may be able to store the original ClientIdentifier in a temporary registry key. This would allow you to reinstall, and then replace the new Identifier with the original one. If you can keep the device from checking in before the key is replaced you may be able to save yourself the hassle of manually removing duplicate systems.
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