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  1. Adding the ability to make an API call\web post as a remediation step in workflows would allow for more 3rd party applications to be tied in with the solution.
  2. When users submit a ticket, it would be useful to be able to take action based of that ticket item. This would allow simple scripts to be run based on user request input if it matches criteria.
  3. In trying to diagnose systems, often we need to be able to connect to a system before the user prompt for login. This allows us to see statuses of updates, rollback errors, etc.
  4. As part of our contracts, we often support users on their mobile phones\tablets. We have worked with a few remote solutions that offered support of these devices. Ideally we would have screen control, but even screen viewing would be useful.
  5. Often, we like to initiate chat before we access a users system. It would be nice to be able to start this chat from the remote control app as it is closely tied with the remote control features.
  6. Treating user groups more like AD user groups would allow more granularity of access and less duplication of security roles.
  7. It would be nice to be able to add negative keywords to scopes (i.e. Does not have tag). We currently use a script to automatically update the system name to include the username, but there are some systems that we want to keep a static name so they are easier to identify. Currently we have to separate these into their own groups in order to keep them statically named.
  8. After coming from another competitor, one of the major things we are missing is a site wide software list with the ability to list systems with software and remove it from multiple systems. Ideally, initially it would show all software, but would allow you to filter software by name. At that point you would be able to click in and see installed systems with installed version.
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