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  1. As a Carbonite user, any plans to add support for Carbonite monitoring/reporting?
  2. It really should be visible when the machine is offline. It sounds like the data is already available and not pulled in real time, so it should be just a matter of not hiding it.
  3. Hi Chris, I have already imported many computers with numerous fields into PSA. If I do what you suggest, I could only do this after manually triggering a notification for all the computers, but not all of them are online at the same time. Then, I would have to manually update each and every field for all the computers. This would be incredibly tedious, it would take hours and hopefully no errors are made in the process. Any way this can be improved?
  4. Hi, So what is the solution here?
  5. Currently a scope can be created with matching "any" or "all" tags. It would be great if we had a "none" or "exclude" option, in which the listed tags would be excluded.
  6. I'm trying to edit/create a new log alert. 1. When adding a new Event ID to an existing alert (comma delimited) and press Save, I get the following error in the console, and so the change cannot be saved. TypeError: n.split is not a function at e (Configuration?v=9UgYGKSsgKBU9Z8hKYeBn1ZGSfClMiErmwarSJ-k9Nk1:1) at h (Configuration?v=9UgYGKSsgKBU9Z8hKYeBn1ZGSfClMiErmwarSJ-k9Nk1:1) at b.i.save (Configuration?v=9UgYGKSsgKBU9Z8hKYeBn1ZGSfClMiErmwarSJ-k9Nk1:1) at fn (eval at compile (Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:218), <anonymous>:4:341) at f (Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:258) at b.$eval (Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:139) at b.$apply (Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:139) at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:258) at HTMLFormElement.dispatch (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:3) at HTMLFormElement.r.handle (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:3) 2. I create a new alert, then press Save at the bottom of the page, I'm immediately logged out and the new alert is not saved. The console shows the following error. POST https://xxxxxxxxx.pulseway.com/app/configuration/setgrouppolicyxml 501 (Not Implemented) (anonymous) @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:99 q @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:95 g @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:92 (anonymous) @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:124 $eval @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:139 $digest @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:136 $apply @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:139 (anonymous) @ Angular?v=p7XkODdFRlnxHp13elrK938iS1GuRjGvjEN1SZnD5Xk1:258 dispatch @ jquery-2.1.4.min.js:3 r.handle @ jquery-2.1.4.min.js:3 Webapp?v=q_Itvkrsn7cHaFoxY6naxi7fk3CIzlYQcu8SG1P96v01:1 Response Error 501 {data: "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Stric…> ↵ </fieldset></div> ↵</div> ↵</body> ↵</html> logging out
  7. I have one more. When logging into an account that has 2FA enabled, it's possible to press the login button multiple times and thus trigger multiple emails. Then, on the code entry page it's not clear which code should be used. This happens because the form is submitted via ajax, and the transition animation doesn't start until a response is received from the server. Solution: disable the login button when the ajax request is made. It can be enabled again if error handling is necessary.
  8. I imported all of our hardware assets, computers and other devices into PSA. I set the 'Name' field for computers to match the name in RMM. When a ticket is created from a machine via RMM, a duplicate hardware asset is created with the same name. In the attached you can see an example of this. The first item was created recently, automatically. The second item was created initially when I imported all assets.
  9. Hi Michael, This didn't work unfortunately. I'm logged in as the deploy user and have set the device access policy as Full Access (by the way, this was also the default for new devices, yet all of them were set as no access). If this was the real reason, it would make sense for the error message to say as much. Please note that apart from access to system/security log I'm able to do every other function, as far as I can tell, and also able to access those same logs on other machines. As I understand the purpose of the device access policy is to have no access, read only or full access per device to systems, and not just very specific functions. If the latter is true, this is poorly conveyed.
  10. +1 It would be good if at the same time, in the popup confirmation window, it showed the scope name and the number of affected target machines.
  11. I'm trying to help a user who reported some issues, and I need to see the system logs. Every time I click, after about 15 seconds, I see the error: Data not available. At the same time, I'm able to see the Application log, however, Security log also returns this error. To my knowledge it only happens on one PC, I can access logs on all other PCs I checked. Let me know if I need to provide any additional info.
  12. Hi, I have compiled a long list of UI improvements, I hope you will find some of my suggestions useful. 1. CPU and Memory usage graphs need a time scale 2. Show historical perfromance data (CPU/Memory) such as daily/weekly, should also be available when machine is offline 3. Display local IP next to External IP 4. Under Asset Info, show motherboard brand/model, graphics card model if available, Windows ReleaseID (eg 1709) 5. Ability to run a Task on a single machine as you can run a Script (there is a workaround by creating a tag for a machine, then creating a scope for that tag, and executing the task for this scope, but this is cumbersome) 6. Terminal/Powershell should keep output history, not clear it every time a command is sent. There is no need to print "sending command... waiting for reply.." into the output either, this can be represented graphically (ie spinner) 7. Terminal/Powershell command history would be great 8. Terminal/Powershell cannot see results of long running commands for example "sfc /scannow", there appears to be a timeout in place 9. Infinite scroll lists prevent searching (eg in system logs, some legacy reports), keep too few rows in buffer. Possible to load more rows or add a search box? 10. List views should show number of items, many places where this would be useful 11. It's difficult to see the output of all systems of a completed task. Need to click into each one individually. Back button also doesn't function as expected. There needs to be a single page view for this. 12. Tasks should have categories, same as Scripts 13. Ability to move scripts between categories. Currently need to recreate it and delete the old one 14. When running a report, it takes too many clicks to actually see the results, Details tab should not be the default view 15. Patch Management Agent Status needs to show more information about the patch status, eg [All up to date, 1 update ignored by rule] or [2 updates pending]. Currently have to trawl through the OS patch report, that doesn't give a summary view that's easy to digest 16. Systems page, add filter for online machines, eg as a checkbox as seen under patch management 17. Systems page, reset button should also refresh the listing
  13. I agree this is a very important feature, I have to manage laptops across multiple time zones, and at most half of them are online at any given time. It should be configurable per task what behavior we prefer (for example: [ x ] run only for currently online machines, [ x ] also run on machines currently offline at next check in).
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