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  1. Hi. No it's a Operating system that runs on IBM Power Systems. Steve
  2. Hi We would like to pull a report or see a list of systems that are falling under the xx/xx of RMM Server licenses and xx/xx of RMM Workstation Licenses. Is there anyway to do this??
  3. Hi All We have a client who we need to report pending Windows updates to prior to updating as they want to confirm if there are any that they need to test prior to production rollout. Windows Updates Legacy Report - The Windows Updates legacy report provides the information needed and we'd like to be able to schedule it and apply a Scope so that the report only returns the servers they'd be interested in. OR OS Patch for All Systems Report - Extend this report to also have a tick box to include pending OS patches (as reported within the Windows Update report). This inclusion would be a big help. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Email Parser works fine and monitors the O365 Inbox. Just wondering if anyone knows if I can add the movement of an email that has been processed by the email parser from the Inbox to another folder? Thanks in advance
  5. We have a lot of clients with mixed server environments and IBMi on IBM Power machines is currently very hard to source any decent remote monitoring tools.
  6. Hi @Chris, Speaking for @NathanB and I hope I'm right. The need would be for: Trigger = System Back Online Action = Delete Notification for System Offline (and then maybe System Back Online)
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