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  1. Hi all, fairly new user to Pulseway here. I have my customers up and running with some "standard" configs I made by exporting/importing them as I went. That's was all pretty smooth. Now I would like to make a change to a customers computers - specifically I would like to monitor for a running service. I can see how to do that by going through each machine from the dashboard and remotely editing the config, checking the service to be monitored, turning on service based alerts - and this all works. But I'm looking for a way that doesn't require me go to each computer one at a time. I looked into Pulseway Group Policies but they don't seem to be able to control that(I can turn on service alerting, but I can't seem to set the service to be monitored). I was starting to look into some registry export/import, or simply monitoring the service status with a powershell script but then I need to install a plugin to send notifications through pulseway (which I found) but... Anyway, before I go further down the rabbit hole, how would those of you who have been using this longer do this? I want to update a subset of my deployed computers to monitor a service.
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