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  1. Hi @Matt,

    There was some issues with the bulk delete for tickets and merged tickets, that if we delete multiple tickets in one go, then only one ticket was deleted or none.

    This will be fixed into the next release for the Pulseway PSA version 4.0.25.

  2. Hi @Louwrens,

    This is happening because that session is no longer active (idle) and as soon as you connect to the console session that session is destroyed by Microsoft. The Pulseway RD is designed to join the currently active console session, therefore as soon as Microsoft makes changes to existing session you are asked to reconnect to that session. The same will happen if you will switch the user accounts while you are connected to that system. You will need to reconnect to that system using the Pulseway RD using the account to which you want to switch the console.

  3. Hi @guyvaio,

    Thank you for contacting us. We always had the notification limits per certain time period. In order to identify the issue, please open the Pulseway Manager on the remote system and enable the Diagnostic Logging under the Settings -> Diagnostics. After you've enabled the diagnostic logging, stop the Pulseway service, wait for 15 seconds and then start it. Reproduce the issue and then send us the trace.log file from the Pulseway's installation folder to support@pulseway.com so we can investigate the issue.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions regarding this.

  4. Hi @Andy Raybould,

    You may try to configure multiple Ping notifications which are triggered at a different times. Also, you may configure the website monitoring however this monitoring will not give you so detailed information regarding connectivity as ping does, because the minimum time interval for the Website monitoring is 1 minute.



  5. Hi @David,

    If the name for the user and password for the Powershell Impersonation is different on each system, then you will need to configure it manually on each system.

    And yes - the credentials are encrypted, but this encryption is not unique for each system, therefore if the credentials are the same, then you can copy these keys from one system to another.

  6. Hi @Asso4Trick,

    I have enabled the audit logging on your account. Please let us know if this happens again.

    Also, if your system can be started by moving the mouse, then it is possible that your system was started when mouse was moved due to any reason.

  7. Hi @Varinder,

    If you want to run the application in users session with GUI, then you will need to use the PsExec to do that.



    However if you want to start the service in user session, then you might do it using powershell after you have enabled the Powershell Impersonation using required user account.

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