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  1. karbonphyber

    Hardware Assets management

    Hi Max, this is wicked. One of the features I wasn't too sure of was the Inventory. It involves purchasing, which we do but then I sorta got lost partway as to how to do it, within this specific application. As i'm using Pulseway as internal RMM , there's really only 1 client. Therefore, assigning assets to a particular person (Could i use Contact?) wasn't something that came to mind/looked available. Sweet! I'm gonna give both methods a try.
  2. karbonphyber

    Hardware Assets management

    Thank you for that Gary. Reckon you guys came up with an awesome idea, with what you were given. The ticket method does look like a possibility for me, if check-out isn't on the roadmap. Kinda wouldn't like to lose inventory.
  3. karbonphyber

    Hardware Assets management

    Hi all Looking to have some guidance on the usage of Hardware Assets in PSA Pulseway. 1) Do you guys add in every single asset or just the assets tracked by the finance dept? Every single asset includes kensington locks, keyboards, power cables... 1A) Should it be Single Asset? Would you duplicate the record for each asset? e.g. If i had 5 x kensington locks. What do i do there (best practice) ? 2) How do we check-out assets to the corresponding Contact? Assuming we want to assign a particular lock to a particular contact/person? Thanks all.