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  1. Hi, We already have support for rebranding the Pulseway Web Application for the Pulseway Enterprise Server solution. Rebranding support for reports is also present in our todo list among with agent rebranding so this is something we're definitely going to implement in the future. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  2. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We plan on reviewing the application availability in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for updates. Regards, Chris Pulseway Team
  3. Hi, From the Pulseway Enterprise Server host, open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Hosting\Admin directory. From there open up the PCMonitorAdmin.exe application and you will find the SMTP settings in Server Settings -> Email Notifications tab. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  4. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We have replied to your request via email, the answer was to change the SMTP settings using the Pulseway Server Administration utility in the Server Settings -> Email Notifications tab. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  5. Hi Michael, We've implemented your idea and it will be included in the next Dashboard release. Thank you again for your feedback. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  6. Hi Newton, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We recommend you reduce the user rights to "Limited user" privileges so that they will not have access to uninstall Pulseway. An administrative user account should always have access to manage their systems. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  7. Chris

    CPU temp wrong

    Hi, Unfortunately, the sensor names cannot be renamed. We will consider this feature for a future release. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  8. Hi Michael, Welcome to the Pulseway community. Unfortunately, at this moment it's not possible to change the page rotation interval but we've added your idea to our todo list and it will be implemented in a future release. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  9. Hi Bruno, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We'd love to have a server module for the Sophos Enterprise Console however it's not technically possible because they don't expose any form of API we can use. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  10. Chris

    CPU temp wrong

    Hi, Thank you for your update. We're delighted to hear that everything is working properly. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  11. Hi, Backup Pulseway's configuration using Pulseway Manager then delete the configuration by deleting the Registry Key at: HKLM\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor. Restart Pulseway Manager and reconfigure the account details and press apply. Run your backup one more time and see if the problem persists. We want to know if the volumes are still locked with a vanilla configuration. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  12. Hi Xander, Thank you for your contribution. Our customers usually attach to the Pulseway Service with a visual studio debugger and if their plugin was compiled with debugging symbols then you should be able to add breakpoints and step through your managed code. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  13. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We plan on adding an HTML 5 Dashboard which will works beautifully on a Mac OS as well. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  14. Chris

    CPU temp wrong

    Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. Can you please attach a screenshot of the values reported on your device? We will diagnose the problem right away. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  15. Hi Bazz, Sorry for the delayed response. We're delighted to hear that you've managed to fix the problem. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  16. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. You can monitor the Windows Event Log for failed or successful backups with Pulseway by consulting with this KB article. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  17. Hi Bazz, Welcome to the Pulseway community. Please run the following command in an administrative command prompt (cmd -> right click -> run as administrator) including quotes: sc delete "PC Monitor" Pulseway installer should proceed now without giving you the 1001 error. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  18. Hey everyone, Lewnatick worked with us and we've identified the issue. If there is anyone that still has the problem please contact support [at] pulseway [dot] com. Regards, Chris Pulseway Team
  19. Hi, We have plans on offering hosted enterprise plans in the future which will support smaller packages as well. Also to prevent any confusion, the Pulseway Enterprise Server software can only on Windows Server operating systems and it doesn't support workstation operating systems. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  20. Chris

    Domain User

    Hi Ohannis, Welcome to the Pulseway community. To run a user as the Domain Admin user please hold the Shift key while right clicking the Pulseway Manager icon and you should see a "Run as" menu entry. From there you can run the application as the Domain Admin user. You can also remotely configure agents by using the Pulseway Dashboard app (windows desktop application). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  21. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. Tagging systems would most definitely allow easier navigation. We've added this to our consideration list, thank you. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  22. Hi Michael, Please send an email to: support [at] pulseway [dot] com and the operations team will help you out. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  23. Hi, Welcome to Pulseway community. Please make sure that the system is not in maintenance mode as that will prevent all notifications and check that there is no Pulseway Group Policy (Pulseway Manager->Manage Systems->Manage Group Policy) disabling those particular notifications. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  24. Hi, It seems that you forgot to set the Enabled switch to true. Try with the following lines: <PingResponse Address="www.dyn.com" Milliseconds="1" Minutes="15" PriorityOnSlowResponse="1" PriorityOnNoResponse="1" Alias="Printer" Enabled="true"/> <PingResponse Address="www.opendns.com" Milliseconds="1" Minutes="10" PriorityOnSlowResponse="0" PriorityOnNoResponse="0" Alias="Router" Enabled="true"/> Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  25. Hi Michael, I've received your PM. We've checked your account and there is no way you would have reached your notification quota. Is the event log filter allowing recurring notifications? If not, did you delete the old notification from the Pulseway app? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
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